Wednesday, 13 October 2021

Wealth .


Down the motorway and onto the lane . 

That's Ilford lane which is actually a busy main road .

The saxophonist is used to driving in London . Which is just as well as no rules is the rule . Speed and a loud horn usually sort it out .

Once parked we make our way to Chopra's who sell kitchen equipment at very fair prices . I wanted more metal bowls and some new spatulas . 

On the way past the butchers shops and sari shops was a shop with jewelled saris and opulent jewellery in the window . I could not resist .

The bulk of the shop was jewellery . Beautiful earrings covered one entire wall and the opposite wall was all bangles .

The bangles were in jewel colours and exquisite .The old man in the turban responded to my gestures and racked each choice up on a long metal pole he held between his hands . When I had what I wanted he pulled them off in groups and expertly wrapped them in celophane .He put the bangles into a smart box and sealed the lid and then put the box into a little bag . I paid ,  he gave me his card and shook hands with the saxophonist . It was a lovely experience . It has only cost me ten pounds .

Then on to Chopras the hospitable kitchen equipment shop . Then the grocers . 

I bought three big bunches of coriander for £1.17 , three bunches of spinach for £1.47 , two cucumbers you could have knocked nails in with for £1.38 . 

There was also curry leaves , ginger , paneer and other things .

I could not find the Panch Puran and a stranger stopped me and asked what I was looking for and found it for me . 

Then to the snack shop for samosas and bhajiyas to enjoy tonight . Four huge samosas and four fat bhajiyas for £6.00 .

When I got home I found little pots of sauce that had been added for nothing .

We were the only white faces in those shops . What people miss !

The quality of the goods , the excellent prices . Much more is the kindness and warmth given to white people who come with respect and enthusiasm .

I have left the box of bangles on the table and twice I have been back just to open the box and look at the lovely colours and thought of the man who boxed the bangles up  .

Later we shall eat the samosas and bhajiyas .

I feel very rich tonight .


  1. Helpful and friendly shopkeepers are greatly appreciated. You found all the items you wanted and had a very good experience. Shopping for grocery items and coming home with gems and a nice meal makes a perfect day.

  2. What a lovely shopping trip. We don't have anything so interesting anywhere around here.