Friday, 16 August 2019


I saw some one offered a free non disposable canvas bag . I was behind him in the queue and when he was asked " what colour ?" he said " it did not matter"  .

I was shocked . How can you have no preference ?

It's the same as people who live in beige clothes and look beige themselves .
 Few people want to look like Coco the clown but to not delight in colour in some way is inexplicable to me .

 I have always been excited by colour :

  • Opening a new paint box .

  • Huge old fashioned apothecary bottles full of brightly coloured water in chemist shop windows .

  • Old Christmas tree baubles from the fifties or earlier . 

  • Old fashioned Spangles that had waxed wrappers that thrillingly included purple and white stripes , yellow and white stripes , dark emerald and white stripes ....

  • Expensive balloons in beautiful colours ( not those horrid foil ones )

  • bottles of ink .

  • The colours of stained glass the sun throws onto plain church floors .

  • Trays of embroidery thread all graded by shade . A draw in the cabinet for each colour .

  • Semi precious stones that are lemon yellow , blood red , kingfisher , lime green .

  • Coloured foil on Easter eggs .

  • Reels of ribbon .

  • Unexpected fairy light colours .

  • Brush pens in lines of colour that include mint , leaf green , mustard , dark storm blue and cerise . 

I hope it is common for people to revel in such every day joy .


  1. Matching beige OAPs seem to have died out. I miss them.

  2. Herbaceous perennials coming into flower with a riot of colour.

  3. Love this list. Color provokes an emotional response in most of us. I wonder if he might have been color blind?