Saturday, 2 February 2019

Seduce me again ...

So the saxophonist went to see the consultant yesterday . We did not talk about it much , when he went out I pulled the covers over my head and went back to sleep .

We have been building this new ,  home based , life brick by brick and much of it is very good .The seductive landscape was consigned to the box marked  " happy memories ".

The consultant wrong footed us both . They did tests , scans and in depth questions .
They told him that the only residue from the heart attack and coma are a slight scarring of the heart which will clear in time plus a tendency to misplace the odd word or place name . They told him that he can drive again .

I swore and shook my fist at the new sewing machine , got the hang of it and then made a cover for it and a new tea cosy .
Then I got out the five linen dresses I bought last summer that needed the straps shortened ( I'm shorter than some ) . I have machined them so they swish and don't drag .

So there I will be , swishing out into the seductive landscape again .

I thought I couldn't ask for anymore than the saxophonist back by my side but it seems I got given it anyway .

My spirits soar as I remember the estuaries and seascapes we can inhabit again .

I had seen myself walking slowly , in measured fashion , into the future .

 Fuck it . I'm going to sprint down the beach and then brazenly stop and let the saxophonist catch me .


  1. I remember my husband’s months of recovering as an unexpected sweetness, a new intimacy, and then the world outside reclaimed us and that was alright too. Enjoy.

    1. Something to savour .You have been there and understand.

  2. These are luxuries that we did not expect but appreciate .

  3. Stories like yours make me appreciate what seem to be the small things in life more.

    1. Nothing small here . Any form of creativity is better than negativity and torpor .
      Also being in love rather than being bereft ain't no small thing .

  4. Stents are quite magical things and one of the greatest of medical advances in our life time.