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Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Nodding to the peacock.

Yesterday to the old fortress town and the secondhand bookshop.Several like minded souls browsing and leafing through books.
It is my custom, in the depths of winter,to read a couple of childhood classics.
Last Christmas was punctuated by volume after volume of the Swallows and Amazons series.
This time I come away with a couple of possibles wrapped neatly in a brown paper bag tucked under my arm.
Today over to the secret gallery.
Eric Ravilious and Edward Bawden ; some old favourites and a couple of surprises. Lovely.
 Then in the fine drizzle to wander down the tunnel,along the gravel path and through the hidden gate of the sequestered garden. Strolling round the maze in the rain. Sitting silent and contented by the summer house.Nodding to the stone peacock as I head off for a pot of tea.
Smiling as I remember I've half a batch of coconut flapjack left to go with it.


  1. Books are like a religion to me so I get this post. And beautifully written at that.

  2. A summer drizzle, good books, and a pot of tea....I love it!

  3. There are very few used book bookshops still able to pay the rent here in New York, but there are a few long time used book, record and magazine dealers who still set up their tables along Broadway in my neighborhood.

    I donate items to them, and rely on my splendid library for my own fresh, if not new, reading material. My own bookshelves are full.

    Something mysterious, and perhaps even ominous is currently going on with these sidewalk booksellers. A blue and white police care is parked nearby around the clock. The booksellers have reduced the number of folding tables that hold their wares to two per block. They have established shifts so that someone is there around the clock to keep an eye out to prevent their businesses from being stopped.

    NYC has traditionally allowed books to be sold on the sidewalks, so something is up. These sidewalk tables are part of the neighborhood...or have been for decades.

    Your post has encouraged me to report this. Perhaps I will eventually write a post myself.

    Wish I could have visited your used book bookshop, and also the secret gallery.

    Your writing gathered me up and took me along with your walk. xo

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    1. Nice to write and have readers "get it".

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  5. I was recommended to visit your blog by Frances, she was suspected we might live in the same neck of the woods - she's probably right.
    I too love that gallery and the path to the lovely gardens.