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Sunday, 30 July 2017

Fierce birds.

So , Angela was desilting the laptop.Taking off all the superseded and redundant sites,links etc.

Next thing to go was her blog. Being unusually sentimental (for her ) she clicked on it one last time before deleting it.

And there sat a fierce bird on the fence.
 Quizzically head on one side she made me think about the blog. I'd walked away from it having seen too many blogs for the mutually sycophantic or on closer examination penned by people who were at best delusional.
My way in life has always been to be prudent about the use of the door so I had slipped away.Walked out of the door.

The fierce bird has a beady eye and conversation with her away from the blog cleared my vision too.

So I am back.
Not for approval or to seek attention particularly.Instead I will write because I want to and because I can.

I shall hope my sister in New York will approve.
After all she reminded me ,fiesty is good but mostly coming in under the wire is good too.
She looks like an Egyptian princess.Black skin and regal presence.
I am a blue eyed ,blond ,fair skinned and know there is nothing remotely regal about my being five foot two and three quarters.
But if I know anything I know we are sisters in the truest sense. Where humbug and hypocrisy are concerned we are both fierce birds.

Don't however,expect me to change the angle at which I hang my hat. I expect I shall write on vaguely the same themes I always did but I am back and doing because of a timely encounter with someone I did not expect to meet and who I rather admire.

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  1. I am so glad you will keep blogging, saying anything you wish, because you are a fierce woman. I am inspired by you, we need your voice, and I do feel that we are, in a mysterious and universal sense, sister spirits.