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Friday, 12 August 2016

Kissing and consequences.

Colour. The art and science of illuminated manuscripts. 
The Fitzwilliam museum , Cambridge.

ME : " Hallo."

YOU : " Oh it's you again is it, I wondered where you had got to."

ME: "Pull your face back from the screen. You should probably disinfect your mouse as well. I've got summer flu."

YOU: "Yuk! By the way ,what's the title about? Did you go to the exhibition?"

ME:"I think so."

YOU: "You think so !"

ME: "I am feverish and my eyes arn't focusing as they should but yep I seem to recall...."

YOU:"OH for heavens sake, why go in that state?"

ME: "Because I did not know I had caught it from the Saxophonist until we were on the road."

YOU: "Well that's a lesson in itself isn't it.Never snog a saxophonist. They should hold you up as a dreadful warning to teenagers who are tempted to err."

ME:"Oh give over."

YOU: "And is that Olbas oil I can smell?"

ME:"I fancy some rice pudding.That would be comforting."

YOU:" I bet you are going to drink alcohol.What with that and the getting of germs from a man in a leather jacket and a casual attitude to re grouting the bathroom tiles."

ME:"Ease off and I'll tell you about the exhibition.On the other hand I could just look at my notes and the postcards I bought over a drink."

YOU:"The rice pudding motif didn't last long did it!"

ME:"So,postcards,note book and a pint.That sounds nice.I'll round up the saxophonist.I'll tell you about the exhibition next post. Unless you fancy a pint? It's ok the Saxophonist isn't a casual kisser."


  1. A summer cold always seems worse than a winter one, somehow. Hope you're feeling back on top form asap.

  2. Never share a saxophone is the other bit of advice which went unheeded too.

  3. This reader is relieved to see that your summer cold has not adversely affected your writing skill. That would have been serious injury.

    Feel better soon. Your stated recovery program sounds very good. xo