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Sunday, 24 July 2016

The woodpecker's example.

Today,it still being hot, I decided to cook for the week.

Roast chicken.
Roast gammon.
Roast lamb.
Rhubarb and strawberry pie.
Sausage plait.
A Cornish/Devon recipe for a pie involving spring onions (scallions),bacon and an egg mix.
A spinach/garlic combo.
A mix of broad beans minus pods and inner cases with cabbage strips.

We ate the lamb with new potatoes,mint sauce and the beans and spinach .Plus the rhubarb and strawberry pie with creme fraiche.

I will turn the chicken into a pot pie,sandwiches and soup.
The gammon is for baguettes and to go with saute potatoes,green salad and some mustard.

The plait and Cornish/Devon pie are for a picnic along with potato salad and beetroot plus fruit and some coconut flapjack I've made.

Yesterday driving through the countryside,windows down,something crossed the road at windscreen level.
A woodpecker.He whirred across just like a clockwork toy.His feathers were ruffled and his expression (No,I didn't imagine it) was fed up.His yellow breast looked like he had run an exasperated claw through it.

Perhaps he'd been fool enough to cook for the whole week all in one go.

Just looked in the mirror : evidence of ruffled feathers and weariness from whirring for all to see.

Soothing slow jazz on the radio ( Mi Soul radio ),bath,stroll in the evening cool for a beer I think.
NOTE TO SELF:if you see someone harassed by life don't fall into the same trap - even if its a woodpecker.


  1. Sometimes, it seems a disadvantage to usually only prepare meals for myself. Yet, in NYC's current unwelcome embrace by the heat dome, I am delighted to be able to approach supper preparation like a stand up comedian who will take a spontaneous chance with an audience of one.

    Sorry about that woodpecker, though.

  2. I began the process of making some stock last night. I think that I may regret it.

  3. Wow! That's a lot of cooking in advance. Recently, green woodpeckers have been visiting in the early morning, in threes. Safety in numbers?

  4. You are an extremely industrious cook - especially during this hot summer weather. I haven't had lamb in a long time. Rhubarb and strawberry pie is one of my favorites.

    There are lots of woodpeckers here in the Tennessee woods. And their industrious work in the trees can be quite loud. I actually enjoy them.

  5. Hey, Angela - in response to your recent request, here's my email address: