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Wednesday, 6 July 2016

On your feet.

There is music that galvanises you.Gets your blood up.
Music that acts like an Espresso or a double Scotch.Sometimes you can't remember where you first heard it,in what circumstances,in what mood and with whom.
If you could choose these songs they might be different and certainly more complicated.But the choice is not given to you.
They have to be popular songs unconnected with a cause,a person or an event.
If they are they  do not count.
They must do you no particular credit.They have to make your blood sing.They have to make you bounce in your seat of course but mostly they should make you feel gloriously,ridiculously reckless.
My three ?
Well all are on Utube and they are:

Red river rock-Johnny and the Hurricanes.

Fast boys and factory girls-Port Sulphur.

Get outta my dreams and into my car- Billy Ocean.

The first two will  rouse me but the third always ,always got me on the floor doing the X rated hip thing. It always will.
And yours?

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